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INR 0 to INR 20,000

How It Works

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1. Pick Your Favorites

Browse your personalized virtual closet and get access to our unlimited trending clothes or accessories. Select your favorite style and we’ll deliver it to you.

2. Flaunt IT

Look The Best at your event! Select your dress and delivery date, then feel like a star for 5, 10, or 15 days Get your pieces delivered in 2-3 days or within hours at your doorstep. Enjoy for 7 days. Get the latest trends delivered to your door and rock them as many times as you like.



Wear & return!! Wrap up the outfit and we’ll pick it up a day after your occasion. Let us know a convenient time and we’ll take care of the return.

We Work With Very Basic Steps; we are here to help you at every step.

Choose your perfect style from our collection of designer outfits and accessories.

Once you choose your outfit by your choice and availability add them to your cart.

You will receive a verification and confirmation call understanding your needs (dates and sizes).

Once you receive the outfit or accessories wear it…Dazzle and Enjoy!

Coordinate with our team. Pack the outfit and we’ll pick it up a day after your occasion or the dates chosen by you

We will refund your security deposit once merchandise is returned in satisfactory condition.


At Wear and Share we value our associates across all departments and recognize their importance to the business. In fact, we set the standard among retailers in providing opportunities for career advancement.

Quality Outfits

Every outfit we onboard under goes through a rigorous screening process to make sure that you get the best outfit for your day.

User Friendly

Lending or Renting out clothes or accessories are done with very simple steps. Our Outfit for special occasion is just few clicks away.

Saves Time and Money

Rent or Lend Your Clothes out through Wear and Share and earn money each time they are rented out or given out. It is completely hassle free.